Renting Disney Vacation Club Points Provides Major Value for Deluxe Disney Resorts and Villas

If you’re planning a trip to a Disney park, you’ve probably heard of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). This is a timeshare program run by Disney that allows members to book stays at Disney resorts all over the world. And if you’re not a member of the DVC, you might think that staying at one of these resorts is out of your price range. But with the help of a DVC point rental broker like BookDVC, you can actually score a great deal on a Disney vacation.

Here’s how it works: DVC members are allowed to rent out their unused points to non-members. This means that you can book a stay at a DVC resort without actually being a member. And because DVC members have already paid for their points, they’re able to offer them to renters at a lower price than what you’d pay if you booked directly through Disney.

This is where DVC point rental brokers like BookDVC come in. BookDVC specializes in connecting renters with DVC members who are looking to rent out their points. We handle all the details of the transaction, including finding available points, booking the stay, and arranging for payment.

So, why is renting DVC points from a broker such a good deal? Here are a few reasons:

  1. You can save a lot of money: The cost of renting DVC points from a broker is typically much lower than what you’d pay if you booked directly through Disney. Depending on the resort and the time of year, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  2. You can stay in a deluxe resort for less: DVC resorts are some of the nicest accommodations at Disney parks. By renting points, you can stay in a deluxe resort for the price of a moderate or value resort.
  3. You get more space: DVC villas are much larger than standard hotel rooms, which means you’ll have more room to spread out and relax during your stay.
  4. You still get all the perks: Even though you’re not a DVC member, you’ll still get all the benefits of staying at a DVC resort, including access to pools, restaurants, transportation, and other amenities.

Overall, renting DVC points from a broker like BookDVC can be a great way to save money and get a top-notch Disney vacation experience. At $20-21 per point, it’s definitely worth considering for your next trip to the happiest place on earth.