February 2023 ROFR Rates Are Extremely Low

The right of first refusal process for resale contracts is a policy that gives Disney the opportunity to purchase a resale contract before it is sold to a third-party buyer. If a DVC member decides to sell their ownership interest, they must first offer it to Disney. The company has the right to match the terms of the resale contract and purchase it instead of allowing it to be sold to someone else. This process is intended to protect the value and quality of the Disney Vacation Club experience for all members.

In a somewhat remarkable turn of events compared to last summer, DVC’s Right of First Refusal exercise rate is extremely low right now.  By one report, fewer than 1% of resales are currently being exercised by Disney.  This means it could be a really good time to get a great deal on a DVC contract without worrying too much that Disney will take it.  There’s no way to know how long this trend will last, but less than 1% ROFR in a month probably hasn’t happened more than a couple times in last several years.