About Us

Who We Are?

BookDVC was founded by two DVC owners who are huge fans of Disney, but weren’t using all of their DVC Points.  We quickly learned that third-party rental companies provided a far more efficient and safe rental option than “direct” renting between owners and renters.  However, we quickly grew weary of the some of the practices employed by other services.

Accordingly, we set out to create an easier, safer, and less expensive option for buyers and renters.  We’ve achieved our goal by focusing exclusively on DVC rentals; charging less than any other provider, and paying owners more than any other major provider.

What We Do?

BookDVC provides an easy and efficient way to make reservations at DVC resorts for a fraction of the retail prices for the same rooms.

By procuring requests from renters through our easy to use reservation process and verifying that reservations have been made by members prior to releasing rental funds, BookDVC makes the renting process safer and more reliable than renting direct.

How BookDVC Works?

BookDVC takes reservation requests from renters looking to stay at premium DVC Resorts and pairs them with a DVC Owner looking to rent DVC points in a secure and money-guaranteed transaction.

70% of the Reservation Fee is remitted to the DVC Member at the time the reservation is made, and the remaining 30% is paid on the check-in date.