It’s Official! BookDVC is the lowest priced Disney Vacation Club Rental Provider

In the last several years, the Disney Vacation Club rental market has exploded.  What was once a niche group of “in the know” Disney aficionados has become an increasingly trusted and well-known way to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on a premium Disney resort stay.  Outpacing others in the booming DVC rental industry, BookDVC has grown by approximately twenty-five percent per year for the last four years in a row.

As a result of this substantial increase in popularity, several DVC rental websites have popped up over the last couple years, and pricing has increased to keep up with exploding demand.

At BookDVC, we continuously monitor what other sites are charging, and remain firmly committed to being the best value in the DVC rental industry.

While other brokers’ prices start at $20.00 per point (and can be as high as $27 per point!), our transparent pricing runs from $19.00-20.50 per point, by far the lowest in the industry.  A recent customer was able to snag a Savanna View Studio at Animal Kingdom Lodge through BookDVC for less than $300 per night.  That’s roughly half of what Disney charges for a direct cash room, and about five percent less than any DVC rental competitor.

As prices have increased, many sites have gotten increasingly opaque about what they’re charging.  Some no longer list the price per point at all.  So, when searching for the best value DVC resort stay, we always recommend shopping around and comparing the final price.

If you do, we’re extremely confident that BookDVC will continue to be the best value Disney Vacation Club rental broker!